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Human Resources in France

Let Highway to France be your linchpin when it comes to HR management in France. 


Whether you are considering hiring employees in France or already manage a team of French employees, we recognize the challenges you may encounter with HR-related matters.

Our team can assist you in streamlining processes, ensuring compliance and efficiency for the following subjects:

  • Monthly payslips

  • Employee declarations

  • Insurances for your french employees

  • Choosing the right employment contract

  • Editing employement contracts

  • Choosing your french collective bargaining agreement

  • Compliance of your HR procedures to French labour law

  • Contract termination in France

  • A customised alternative for URSSAF’s TFE system

Your linchpin when comes to HR management in France 

 Our service packs

Below, you will discover an overview of two potential service packs. These service packs are designed to cater to your HR needs and ensure smooth operations in managing employees in France.

HR Start-up Service:

  • Immatriculation as an employer in France

  • Fiscal registration for the prélèvement à la source (withholding tax) for your employees

  • Advisory services for selecting the appropriate collective convention

  • Subscription to mandatory collective insurances

  • Guidance in choosing the right work contract for your employees

  • Preparation of work contracts in both French and English

  • Employee declaration services

  • Subscription to an occupational physician

Monthly HR Services:

  • Monthly collection of payroll information for payslips

  • Collaboration with an accountant for the preparation of payslips

  • Detailed overview of payable contributions, premiums, and taxes

  • Guiding on sick leave management

  • HR service desk available for inquiries from managers and employees

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